LMNS is an answer to the ever growing complexity in the visual communications industry, where there are so many parameters to think of when renewing or starting up digital print production.

Printer, ink, software, workflow, color management. People, products, planning. ROI, COO. Marketing, communication and sales.

These are only a few elements. And it is often a tedious job to find out what to pick, where to go and how to manage it all. It’s about connecting the dots, before one dot is even printed.

This is where LMNS comes in.

LMNS offers expert advice to those seeking support with setting up their operations. And LMNS goes beyond the mere advisory and consultancy: LMNS offers assistance with finding answers, people and technology to make it all easier.

LMNS is a combination of independent industry experts that have a track record in the graphic arts, print production and visual communication arena.