K-Flow Consulting develops applications and advises companies on all aspects of the workflow for screen, offset and digital printing applications. Together with our highly motivated employees in the field of color management and workflow, K-Flow Consulting GmbH is well-known nationally and internationally for solution-oriented consulting services and unique software products. K-Flow Consulting is the leading manufacturer of software solutions for brand owners, agencies, publishers, prepress and printing.

Since 2005, we have developed a large portfolio of colormanagement technologies as well as powerful and innovative products for demanding customers. The great popularity, especially of our technology partners, encourages us to continue to improve the quality and to look for new solutions to solve the day-to-day problems of color reproduction. This is only possible through the close cooperation with our partners and the constructive exchange with our users.

Our company philosophy is characterized by customer proximity, the clear goal of developing ever better and more targeted solutions in the field of colormanagement and a fair and trusting relationship with partners, customers, employees and competitors. This motivated us in June 2005 to found K-Flow GmbH. From the outset the establishment of a partner business was the clear focus of the K-Flow team. It is our conviction that today and in the future, integrated solutions tailored to the respective application area are more important than ever. This means that colormanagement is easy to use, is perfectly integrated into the work environment and works reliably. To enable our customers to do so, our technologies offer a variety of options to meet different applications and requirements.

After more than 10 years with the focus on the development and integration of individual solutions, we changed the name of our company in K-Flow Consulting in 2016 and thus followed the desire of our customers to communicate our core competency more intensively to what has been our customer order for years: being the internally supporting partner of a whole industry.

Our many years of experience in the fields of research and development, support, marketing and sales serve as a basis on which we will continue to be your innovative and competent partner in the field of color.